Tim understands that our State’s future depends on private sector job creation. He supports getting the State budget on a sound footing, and focusing on education, the primary responsibility of our state government, and the foundation of a self-sufficient workforce.

Balancing the Budget

Washington State Government has shown no ability or desire to live within its means. Instead, it seeks new taxes or increases in existing taxes to make up for its lack of fiscal restraint. Increased revenue needs to be created by business growth, not raising taxes. Tim understands that government fiscal discipline is necessary to ensure a prosperous future for the state economy.

Educating Our Children

The paramount responsibility of our state government is educating our children. Education must be effective and accountable. Tim supports protecting education funding. Well educated young adults are the fuel that drives the economic engine of the state. Tim will encourage local school districts to find ways to improve student outcomes, to prepare comprehensive teacher evaluations, and to increase the efficiency in district organizations. He supports I-1240, the limited charter schools initiative.

Creating Jobs

In order for our economy to prosper, and for jobs to be created, Tim supports tax relief for small business, and regulation reforms to make Washington State more business-friendly. He recognizes that our economic future depends on our ability to provide a well educated and well trained workforce.